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reCOMMIT – the podcast is about taking a step back and re-identifying your goals, re-evaluating your process, re-connecting with your whys and re-committing to what it takes to accomplish those goals.



reCOMMIT The Podcast – E04: Take Your Fight Public

In this episode I talk about excuses and other things that interrupt your training and break your commitment, and how to work at stopping this from happening.

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reCOMMIT The Podcast E03: The Hamilton Effect

In this episode I talk about two lines from the show Hamilton that really grabbed my attention. Dedicated to Marileidy Morel, The Social Butterfly. RIP!

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reCOMMIT The Podcast – 02: Do More by Doing Less

In this episode we talk about breaking things into manageable chunks that you can handle daily to accomplish a much larger goal.

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reCOMMIT The Podcast – E01: What is the podcast about and who is your host

On this first episode I talk about what the podcast is about, who I am, where I come from and how the name of the show came about.

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