About Us


Carlos Taveras - The Shark

I’m an obstacle course race (OCR) and endurance athlete.

Since 1994, I have always been active and involved In fitness. From working as a lifeguard, then as a personal trainer and spinning instructor for Bally’s Total Fitness, Equinox and Crunch to running OCR, marathons and ultra races all over the world.

In 2012, my doctor diagnosed me with high cholesterol and wanted to put me on medication. I refused and committed to doing whatever it takes to get it under control. I started watching what I ate and training. I was at 207bs and 25% body fat. I lost 42lbs and went down to 165lbs and about 13% body fat.

Today, as I lay in my bed am typing this, I am back to 200lbs and 21% body fat. Lots of contributing factors but one is key. I’ve lost the commitment and forgotten my whys.  This is why I’ve decided to launch this podcast. To regain control and recommit.

I hope my journey motivates you to do the same. I challenge you to stay tuned, listen to the episodes and regain control by recommitting to your goals.

reCOMMIT - the podcast

reCOMMIT – the podcast is about taking a step back and re-identifying your goals, re-evaluating your process, re-connecting with your whys and re-committing to what it takes to accomplish those goals.

We hope to motivate you by bringing you organic unscripted first hand stories about motivation, commitment, success and failure. We’ll bring you stories from our host, Carlos Taveras, and other every day badasses who will tell us about their experiences.

We hope you listen, enjoy and share our podcast with that friend who needs that kick in the butt to jumpstart that fire again.